Scientific Results

Even after achieving successful results at the field levels in this project, there is a great need to extend the horizons of this project. A systematic study on the consequences of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture by means of Scientific Research was recommended. This will contribute to innovations in the field of Agricultural Research and will guide farmers for any sort of unprecedented challenges. Indeed it will be useful to intensify the participation of farmers on a greater scale while looking into the immediate prospects for the application of these methods..

Important findings of the research on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture

  • Improved percentage of Seed Germination
  • Marginal increase in Test Weight
  • Healthier Root Modulation
  • Enhanced Soil Microbiological Activity
  • Higher Oil content in Groundnut
  • Drop off in the Pest Damage (much lower to Organic module)
  • Increased Nutritional Values
  • Enhanced Phosphorus content in the Soil
  • Increased Energy Values in Vegetables
  • Appreciable appearance and taste of Vegetables
  • Increased Shelf life in Vegetables
  • Note: Above mentioned are Comparative findings following Recommended Organic Practices & Recommended General Practices using chemical inputs.

Nutritional Values

Having seen good yields in the farms through the practice of yogic kheti, we have had the samples tested for nutrition content. The following table compares the nutrition values of food for tomato grown through Yogic process and conventional process.

  Yogic Process Conventional Process
Fat 0.11% 0.20%
Protein 1.13% 0.74%
Carbohydrate 5.36% 4.15%
 Total Energy 27.47 Kcal / 100g 19.5 Kcal / 100g
 Vitamine C 14.9 mg / 100g 6.05 mg / 100g
* Results from tests conducted at National Agriculture & Food Analysis & Research Institute.

We notice from the results obtained that the food produced through yogic process is better both in terms of energy content (higher energy) and the quality (lower fat).

Further studies including soil testing and nutrition content testing is being conducted in collaboration with S.D.Agricultural University. .

Memorandum of Understanding with Agricultural University:

Agriculture and Rural Development Wing has entered into an Memorandum of Understanding for Agricultural Research project with S.D.Agricultural University, Dantiwada (Gujarat) for 5 years. Scientific Research (Study) will be carried out at different stages of crops for Experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation. The crop pattern will followed by Groundnut, Wheat and Chick Peas (gram) simultaneously.

Research Papers

An Investigation of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture as a Mind-Matter farming Approach.pdf 465 KB Download
Pantnagar Published Journal.pdf 2565 KB Download
Business Standard Article.pdf 55.77 KB Download
Asian Agri History 2015 sm.pdf 3.83 MB Download
Dr Ramsay (2012) RioPlus Business - Article Only.pdf 507.19 KB Download
pdf Dr. Kiran Raval final_paper.pdf 199.36 KB Download
pdf Dr. Ramsay Leisa India (2012).pdf 89.4 KB Download
pdf Dr. Ramsay SYA Living in Harmony ppt (2013).pdf 4.63 MB Download
pdf Dr. Raut Madhuban.pdf 19.87 KB Download
pdf Dr. Subhash Gill Directorate of Wheat Research Karnal.pdf 23.1 KB Download
pdf FAO SYA Presentation 2013.ppt 34.26 KB Download
pdf Report of Soyabean from Shri Shivaji College of Agril.docx 39.95 KB Download
pdf Soyabean, amravati data.pdf 27.34 KB Download
pdf SYA Living in Harmony 2013.pdf 19.38 MB Download

Results of Organic Farming

  • The use of live factors, organic manures and the herbal extracts would control disease and pests.
  • The use of compost prepared from animal excreta and crop residue, dung manure, organic manure and wormy manure would increase the production of crop and keep productive capacity of the land intact.
  • Increased output of the nourished, tasty and pure crops can be produced even with minimum expenditure.

Dadi Ratan Mohini Chief of Brahma Kumaris
“This methodology is very essential to produce pure & pious food, fruits & vegetables for good health. My good wishes are always with the farmers following yogic agriculture methodology by experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation, preperation of Organic Manures, adopting various ancient methods of conservation of crops - which will result in achieving 100% success.”

B.K. Sarla Chairperson Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“This is a farming process based on Rajyoga Meditation, which will have its valuable contribution in the creation of the new age. I express my best wishes to all the farming community for adopting this sustainable yogic methodology.”

B.K. Raju Vice-Chairman Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“ This novel project will guide the farmer brothers & sisters all around the world & inspires them for a life style filled with total bliss & peace. It leads to imperishable prosperity by means of holistic & healthy crop production. I wish you all the success, which is your birthright.”