International e-conference on “The Basis of Self-Reliant India, Self-Reliant Farmers”, Mount Abu (Rajasthan).

The Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of Brahma Kumaris organized a three day National E-Conference on the topic 'The Basis of Self Reliant Bharat, Self Reliant Farmer'.

Parshottam Rupala, Union Minister of State for Panchayati Raj, Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare, in the Government of India, inaugurated this E- Conference. He apprised the audience with the Prime Minister’s vision for making Bharat Self Sufficient. He expressed his good wishes for this initiative by the Brahma Kumaris. The Sustainable Yogic Farming being propagated by the Brahma Kumaris is one step ahead of the organic Farming encouraged by the Government. This will give a right direction to the Indian Farmer. The Government of India will try to implement the suggestions of this E-Conference.

Hasan Mushrif, Rural Development Minister of Government of Maharashtra, appreciated the work being done by the Brahma Kumaris in making the farmer self sufficient.

BK Brij Mohan, Additional Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris, said that true self sufficiency comes by being Soul conscious and connecting with the Supreme Soul.

BK Jayanti, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Europe and Middle East, said that farmers must be empowered through Rajayoga Meditation. If we continue using pesticides excessively, people’s immunity will go down further, leading to more pandemics.

Rajyogini BK Sarla, Chairperson of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of Brahma Kumaris, said that India is predominantly an agricultural economy. It can only develop when the farmer is strong. Without Spiritual backing, mere economic schemes will not work. A combination of the two will make Bharat self sufficient.

BK Badrivishal, Assistant Director of Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Directorate, said that agricultural prosperity is dependent on soil health . Farmers must be made aware of this aspect.

BK Trupti, National Co-ordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, co-ordinated this program. She said that we need to empower our farmers so that every grain of their produce is filled with nourishment.

A wonderful welcome dance was done by the dance group from Cuttack.BK Shashikant, Coordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing from Mount Abu, gave vote of thanks.

Conference on sustainable yogic agriculture, Tundla.

A conference has been organised by Brahma kumaris, Tundla. The aim of the conference is to bring Golden Bharat through sustainable yogic agriculture. The main guest SDM KP Singh, BK Rajendra bhai delivered keynote speach and BK Vijaya behan, Brother Ved pal Singh from Abu have participated in the candle lighting and addressed the program.

Farmer empowerment program organised by Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, Anjaar(Gujarat).

An event on farmer empowerment through sustainable yogic agricultire has been organised by the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of Brahma kumaris . The aim of the event is to bring a secure golden and strong India through sustainable yogic agriculture. The state minister of social and educational backward classes Vasant bhai Gopal Bhai Ahir, Mahant Vikram Das Govardhan Parvat. The president of farmers association Kutch Anjaar Shivji bhai, BK Godavari didi from Mulundh subzone have participated in this event. IFSC kalol BK Jignesh bhai was keynote speaker, BK Kira Raval and BK Lajwanti also participated in this event. BK Girishbhai coordinated this program.

Sister Shivani in sustainable yogic agriculture program, Jalgaon.

Sister Shivani knowing about sustainable yogic agriculture in jalgaon. Brother Radhesham explaining the methods.

Annual meeting of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, Nagpur.

Lighting the candles at the annual meeting of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing are BK Sarla Didi, Chairperson, BK Rajubhaiji Vice-Chairman, BK Sunanda Didi, National Coordinator,BK Trupti Didi, National Coordinator, BK Surekha Didi Gujarat state coordinator, BK Saroj Didi UP state coordinator, BK Vijaya Didi Punjab zone coordinator, BK Dashrathbhai Maharashtra state coordinator, BK Rajni Didi director Vishwa Shanti Sarovar, BK Sumanth Bhai Hq. Coordinator, BK Shashikant bhai coordinator with others.

Farmers empowerment program, Nanded.

Brahma Kumaris delegation lead by BK Sunanda, National Coordinator explained about thousands of farmers doing Yogic farming to Pasha Patel, MLA Nanded and president Maharashtra Agricultural Values Commission, BJP district President Chaitanya Bapu Deshmukh. BK Swati, BK Archana, BK Dattatray, BK Balu and BK Tandle with others.

Farmers empowerment program, Rohtak.

Farmers empowerment program was organised at local Brahma Kumaris center where BK Rajendra has addressed the program saying that the pesticides are being used to grow more crop which is the root cause of all the diseases. The fertility of the land is being degraded due to this. He also mentioned that organic farming shall lead to increase in the fertility of the land and hence explained the importance of Sustainable yogic agriculture. Brother Pradeep Hadda, State President Haryana said that the waters from the tubewell can even lead to cancer in the farmers due to the contamination of the ground water. ACDO Shamsher Singh explains that plants need good manure like humans need good food. BK Raksha Ben invited all the speakers for Raj yoga camp held at the centre..

Sustainable Yogic Agriculture campaign on Mahashivratri, Lucknow.

On the occasion of Mahashivratri the campaineers who participated in Sustainable Yogic Agriculture campaign which served 100 villages and addressed lakhs of farmers have been felicitated at Vishwa Kalyanakari Bhawan, Lucknow. On this auspicious occasion of 84th Maha Shiv Jayanti campaineers have pledged to plant and sustain 84 saplings. The whole program demonstrated the services rendered by the agriculture and rural development wing and also the real coordination between the nature and the soul. BK Indira, BK Badrivishal with others are in group photo.

Training program on sustainable yogic agriculture, Tapovan, Abu.

A training program on sustainable yogic agriculture has been organised in Tapovan for the farmers of Bhopal. Vice Chairman BK Raju bhai, Hq. coordinator BK Sumanth, coordinator BK Shashikant, BK Priyanka, BK Prahlad bhai from Tonk, BK Chandresh have shared their experience with practical training

felicitation of BK Mahendra Bhai, Nagpur.

Minister of Agriculture Dada Bhushe and chief secretary Eknath Dawale of Maharashtra state honoured BK Mahendra Bhai for his invaluable contribution in giving trainings about organic and yogic farming to farmers.

Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training , Kanpur.

Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training in Kanpur held on the occasion of Ganga Yatra. The programme is being addressed by Agricultural Director of UP State Dr. Saroj Singh, other government officials and Brahmakumari Sisters.

training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture, Pratapgarh .

On the occasion of Ganga Yatra organised by UP state government Brahma kumaris Agriculture and Rural Development wing has organised a training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture in the villages situated on the banks of river Ganga. The villages include Mahodara, Parsipur and Kunda Pratapgarh. Bro. Satish and Deputy Agricultural Director of Pratapgarh Bro.Raghuveer have also participated in the programme.

Farmers empowerment conference, Atladra.

Atladra brahmakumari seva Kendra "Atma Chintan Bhavan Vadodara" hosted a Farmers empowerment conference on 27th January 2020 from 10 am to 1:30pm.
Following delegates participated in the conference:-
Respected BK Raju bhai (Vice Chairman, Agriculture and Rural Wing Brahma kumaris Mount Abu)
Bro. Shaileshbhai Mehta ( MLA Dharmavati Dabhoi)
Bro. Dhirendra bhai N Patel (Projector Director, Atma Vadodara)
Bro. Bipin Chandra Patel State Farmer Society and Chairman BPC
This program was conducted by Atladara centre. BK Sister Aruna Ben and BK Poonam Ben coordinated the program and has enlightened more than 200 farmers about organic yogic farming and its importance.

Training program for farmers on paramparagat Krishi , South Goa.

program for farmers was organised by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development in Association with Agriculture Dept. Government of Goa and Brahma Kumaris. Deputy Chief Minister Mr Babu Kavlekar inaugurated this training program. BK Balaso Rugge, Kolhapur, special invitees lighting the candles at this event. 125 Farmer's and officials attended this training.

Agriculture and Rural Development wing training program, Aburoad(Tapovan).

Agriculture and Rural Development wing has organised a training program on 16th January 2020 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m in Green Hall, Tapovan. Many farmers from different parts of the world have been trained on organic yogic farming with the practical model. Yogic farming is about giving positive and powerful thoughts on the farms along with chemical free farming. Our thoughts create vibrations in the nature, if our thoughts are positive nature also becomes pure and satvik. BK Raju bhai Vice-chairman addressed the farmers saying that it is very important for every farmer to use organic farming methods.He said that it is important to experiment this method. He encouraged them to practice poison free farming so that they can stand as an example to the world. Organic farming is an inspiration to the whole country and the world because these methods can give good crops and rejuvenate the land's fertility. Director Tapovan BK Bharat Bhai said that there is an increase of diseases and hospitals throughout the world. Tapovan is an example of organic farming and the inspiration from the Tapovan would reach the whole world. National Coordinator BK Trupti Bahen, Madhuban Coordinator BK Sumanth, Coordinator BK Shashikant, Executive Member BK Bharti ben, Executive Member BK Balaso Ruge, BK Chandresh, Dr. Priyanka ben, Dr. Deshpande addressed this training..

Dadi Ratan Mohini Chief of Brahma Kumaris
“This methodology is very essential to produce pure & pious food, fruits & vegetables for good health. My good wishes are always with the farmers following yogic agriculture methodology by experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation, preperation of Organic Manures, adopting various ancient methods of conservation of crops - which will result in achieving 100% success.”

B.K. Sarla Chairperson Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“This is a farming process based on Rajyoga Meditation, which will have its valuable contribution in the creation of the new age. I express my best wishes to all the farming community for adopting this sustainable yogic methodology.”

B.K. Raju Vice-Chairman Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“ This novel project will guide the farmer brothers & sisters all around the world & inspires them for a life style filled with total bliss & peace. It leads to imperishable prosperity by means of holistic & healthy crop production. I wish you all the success, which is your birthright.”