Farmers Experience

Name of the farmer : B.K.Tulsibhai
Age : 43 years
Village : Shantivan
Dist : Sirohi
State : Rajasthan

I came into contact with Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at Barshi centre in 1983 and from that day onwards, I became a regular student of this university.

Agriculture is my paternal occupation. As I had to help my father in farming, I had to quit my studies after completing 12th Standard examination. While helping my father in farming, I studied further and graduated in agriculture science from Yashvant Chauhan Mukt University, Nasik (Open University). Farming was my hobby since the very beginning. Reading literature related to agriculture, I used to apply different techniques in farming. I experimented different usages of meditation and played Godly songs in the farm. Over and above this, I also used chemical manure and insecticides and fungicides. This method was very successful and I got in plenty of crop-yield. It was in the year 1993, that I read about the ill-effects of chemical farming in a book. I could not help crying throughout the night because I remembered divine versions that shunned violence of all kinds. Our Supreme Soul Shiv Baba says : “ take blessings and give blessings”. I realised that by feeding food contaminated with chemicals to the people, I am getting curses of all. After this according to inspirations of Shiv Baba, I decided to do organic farming. I studied the concept in depth and mastered the subject. I participated in workshops and asked the experiences of other farmers who were applying organic farming method in their farms.

In 2003, at a National level Exhibition, I qualified for the first and the third prize for the two breeds of Pomgranate. I also got first prize for the crop of brinjal, millet (juar), bitter gourd, tomatoes, cucumber, muskmelon and watermelon. The agriculture department of Maharastra felicitated my father by “Udyan Pandit Puruskar”, an award for horticulture and agriculture.

However, I did not want to stop at that. My desire was to do farming in the land of the Supreme Soul where He has been perform His divine duties, i.e. Madhuban (Mt.Abu), Rajsthan. There reside extremely pure, holy and pious souls. It was sad that they had to eat food with harmful chemicals in it. How can we consider such food pure and pious? Such thoughts started whirling in my mind. I have been practising farming in Madhuban after having shifted my permanent residence there since 2005.

Last year, in 2007, we planted muskmelon in Tapovan. The results that I got there are really surprising. Why did not anyone use any chemical fertilizer or insecticide? To increase bacterial growth in the farm, we used cow dung manure, margosa fruits (nimudi), Amrit pani, Jivamrut, Jaggery, cow urine, seven-grain distillate (sapt-dhanya ark), etc. To control toxic insects, I used cow urine, margosa oil, buttermilk, ten-leaves distillate ( dash-parni ark), lemon acid, tamarind juice etc. To control the viruses which affected the crop of muskmelon, we rang copper bell ( generally used in the temples) for 20 minutes each in the morning and in the evening punctually. The sound of the bells controlled the viruses. We also played Godly songs along with the bell.

To increase the size of the fruit, I saw to it that the plantation received smoke of Til, Trifal and Vayvading. As good fragrance delights our mind, the crop also breaths and feels delighted; it helps in increasing production. We also sprinkled milk and coconut water which prevented viruses. We also affixed the flag of God Shiva in which there are red and yellow colours. Red colour helps in increasing crop. Looking at yellow colour, the caterpillar used to lay its eggs on the flag and as the fledglings never got any nutrition from the flag, they died a natural death. In return, the crop too got protection against their invasion. Through all these experiments on brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, pea, tomato, papaya and pumpkin, we got good and pure crop from the farm. We also practised meditation. Seating in the farm in front of the crop, we practised like this“I am the Master of nature. I am the highest, the holiest, and the richest soul…. No virus can attack my crop…….” As we gave such powerfull vibrations and powerfull thoughts to nature, the crop too got healthy. This is my personal experience that God has all along with me. And because He is with me, success in all my ventures and adventures is ensured.

Sometimes I invite God Shiva in my farm. I really felt that Shiv Baba actually came and said, “ child do this, do like this..” I receive from Him such touchings (inspirational vibrations and advices). We get touching in advance depending upon the level and quality of relation with the Supreme Soul. He guides us about the seasonal changes and also about the onslaught of viruses. This facilitated us in preventing the damage and could save our crop. We do the same meditation practice for every crop at Amritvela. By applying such methods, we get success beyond our own expectation. This, in turn, increases our confidence. We become more firm on the thought that pious and pure thoughts of mind influence the crop positively and it gives more output. So, my dear farmer brothers and sisters, you should also study Rajyoga; generate pure and positive thoughts in mind and remain in Sustainable yogic state so that Sustainable Yogic Agriculture becomes a reality and you produce more and healthy food, live a happy life, have a healthy body and be instrumental in converting the dream of the heaven into reality.

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B.K.Bholanath Shivlinga
B.K. Balasaheb Shripal

Dadi Hridaya Mohini Chief of Brahma Kumaris
“This methodology is very essential to produce pure & pious food, fruits & vegetables for good health. My good wishes are always with the farmers following yogic agriculture methodology by experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation, preperation of Organic Manures, adopting various ancient methods of conservation of crops - which will result in achieving 100% success.”

B.K. Sarla Chairperson Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“This is a farming process based on Rajyoga Meditation, which will have its valuable contribution in the creation of the new age. I express my best wishes to all the farming community for adopting this sustainable yogic methodology.”

B.K. Raju Vice-Chairman Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“ This novel project will guide the farmer brothers & sisters all around the world & inspires them for a life style filled with total bliss & peace. It leads to imperishable prosperity by means of holistic & healthy crop production. I wish you all the success, which is your birthright.”


In Chipri Village of Shirol Tehseel, in the Kolhapur District of Maharashtra State, Farmers made a comparative study of the difference between the Yogic Farming process and the Chemical Farming on the crop of Tomatoes. The experiment was done on the Namdhari 2535 breed of tomatoes. The crop from the both the experiments were sent for analysis in the research laboratory.

The analysis shown that the yogic process in comparison to the chemical saves a sum total of about Rs. 14769.00 per acre and as the expenses under the Yogic process is extremely low, the profit margin of the Yogic process is higher by about Rs. 6290.00. The quality of the organic process is better than that of the inorganic of chemical process. It can be easily said that the expenses under the yogic process are low and the profit is more in comparison to the chemical process. Small farmers will not have to borrow money from money lenders and the best of all the benefits is that the crop (fruits, vegetables etc) through the yogic process makes mind and body healthy.