Reduces Health hazards

Yogic kheti helps our farmers in producing highly nutricious food which control the diseses.


Minimises the expenditure

Increased output of the nourished and pure crops can be produced with minimum expenditure.


Maximizes productivity

This method increases the production of crop and keep productive capacity of the land intact.


Good Nutritional Values

Food produced through yogic process is better both in terms of energy content and the quality .

about Sustainable Yogic Agriculture


The basic needs for human sustenance such as food, clothing, shelter and health etc. depend directly or indirectly on farming and associated activities. The economy of a developing country like India is broadly based on agriculture.

The Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of the Rajyoga Education and Research foundation, the sister institution of Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya , has been bringing awareness about the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project among the farmers, brothers and sisters. Many Rajayogi farmers from all parts of India, who are in touch with this Vishwa Vidyalaya (University) have applied the powers of Rajayoga Meditation to their farming process. They have also evolved newer and innovative methods and techniques of preparing organic fertilizers on their own and have used them in the farming. They have succeeded in getting better crop output at lesser costs. It is a novel step towards bringing a new era, the golden era on earth.

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Farmers Conferences and training

Information of this program will be publicised through all aspects of the media. Training programmes will be conducted to create awareness.


Awareness programs & Campaigns

Agricultural fairs, rallies, seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and camps are included in this project to aid the farmers.

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UN Conferences & International Events

Italy, Greece, South Africa, Mauritius, South-East Asia are amongst some of the countries, where these techniques are being experimented with.



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Top stories


Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Lauds Brahma Kumaris, Launches ‘Self Reliant Farmer’ Campaign , Nagpur

March 21, 2022

The Self Reliant Farmer Campaign and Spiritual Museum were inaugurated in the presence of all the dignitaries.

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Atma Nirbhar Kisan (The Self-Reliant Farmer) Campaign, Varachha, Surat

March 19th, 2022

Grand launch ceremony of Atma Nirbhar Kisan (the Self-Reliant Farmer) Campaign organized by the Brahma Kumaris of Varachha in Surat. This Campaign will give the message of ...

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Inauguration of “Atmanirbhar Kisan Campaign”.

May 22nd - 19th June 2022

“Atmanirbhar Kisan Campaign” Inaugurated at Brahmakumaris Retreat Centre i.e Anantapur, Vishwa Shanti Sarovar in cooperation with Agriculture & rural development Wing, Brahmakumaris ....

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Campaign Latest Events

  • Government Circular 1
    From:- Indian Council Of Agricultural Research(New Delhi)

  • Government Circular 2
    From:- Department of Agriculture, Shimla(H.P.)

  • Government Circular 3
    From:- Department of Agriculture, Lucknow (U.P.)

  • Government Circular 4
    From:- Commissioner & Director of Agri., Telangana, HYD.

  • Government Circular 5
    From:- Directors of panchayats, Panaji - Goa

  • Government Circular 6
    From:- Department of Agriculture, Maharashtra.

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    From Agriculture Minister, Rajasthan.

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    From Transport Minister, New Delhi.

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    From State Minister, New Delhi.

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    Punjab Govt. Gram Vikas

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    Government of Rajasthan

Glimpse of Yogic Farming

Integrating mind-heart based meditation practices with methods of organic farming